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Jul 30, 2012

The Moomin Are Coming to FinnFest 2012 in Tuczon, AZ!

The Moomins from Tampare, Finland, visited FinnFest 2011 in San Diego, CA,

A large group of Tove Jansson’s performing Moomins (from Tampere) is coming to our FinnFest in Tucson, November 6-8! So, this is to introduce the Moomins to those of us who only have a vague idea of them. The Moomins are a family of three delightful creatures plus the extended family of six more characters who live on an island in a blue cylindrical house of many stories.

 Their world is the Moomin Valley surrounded by mountains. It has creeks and lakes, woods and meadows. Their creator was Tove Jansson, writer, painter, a multi-media artist, who said she grew up in a studio of her sculptor father and graphic artist mother and two brothers. She loved writing for children and drawing pictures; her first book was published in 1939 for the children of the Winter War. Tove was a Swedish-speaking Finn and lived all her life in Finland. She has won many honors and awards and is loved in the whole world not only by children, but by adults.

The Moomin family consists of: Moominpappa, Moominmamma, Moomingtroll, Snork, Snork Maiden, Little My, Snufkin, Snif and Hemulen. They explore their neighborhood and beyond it all the way to the sea. There are many events, even some disasters, such as floods, tornadoes and shooting stars, but they manage to find safety in their cozy blue home.

The Moomins hibernate all winter, but not Snufkin who goes south. When the ice in the creek breaks and there are only a few patches of snow left on the ground, the music from Snufkin’s flute fills the air, waking up the Moomin household. And no one is happier that Moomintroll (the son) because Snufkin is his best friend. The spring has sprung!

There is something very endearing about the Moomin family that holds the interest of readers of all ages. For instance, Little My is fearless, stubborn, naughty and funny.  Snork is an inventor, and Snork Maiden is sweet on Moomintroll. Hemulen is a philatelist, always with the magnifying glass. Moominpappa keeps a diary, and. Moominmamma cooks and bakes and takes care of everybody, including consoling anyone feeling low. She gets rid of her frustrations with picnics and lemonade or with a thorough spring cleaning!

The Moomins have human feelings of sadness, joy, homesickness, but they are tolerant of difficulties with a philosophical calm. They ponder problems, such as friendship, solitude and freedom.

Tove Jansson lived on an island in the Gulf of Finland for years – fleeing from her fans and the limelight. In her life time thirteen Moomin books were published. A million of them were sold in Japan that loved the Moomins best. They also purchased  tthe cartoon series that started there in 1954. Japan also bought the publishing rights to the Moomin stories on video, and the first TV series was on Japanese television in 1972, and later in England on BBC.

 Let’s all meet the Moomins at Tucson’s Double Tree Hotel, November 6-8, 2012! More information is coming, and already you may register on: Welcome! Tervetuloa!


                                                                                                                                                                           Sinikka G. Garcia